5+ Amazing CVC Puzzle Activities for the Primary Grades

Learning to decode and spell CVC words just got easier with these CVC puzzle activities. As your students learn alphabet letters and sounds, it’s time to build words. My CVC puzzle activities help students with segmenting and blending sounds, and guess what? You can get a set for free here on my page.

why teach word families

Word families are a fantastic way to give students phonetic practice in a variety of patterns.  Studying word families is important for students as it expands their vocabulary and enhances reading fluency. They also help students improve spelling skills and  support word recognition. Finally they aid in language acquisition and enhance writing skills.

Word families provide a framework for students to understand the connections and patterns within words. This contributes to their overall language development and proficiency.

directions and tips

Why use puzzles for teaching cvc?

Working with and solving puzzles have big brain benefits. CVC puzzle activities provide a range of cognitive benefits including:

  • cognitive stimulation
  • memory improvement
  • attention and concentration enhancement
  • problem-solving skill development
  • visual and spatial reasoning improvement
  • stress reduction, and
  • promotion of neuroplasticity.

By incorporating puzzles into your routine, you can enjoy an entertaining and beneficial way to keep your brain active and healthy.

what's included in this cvc puzzle activities resource:

With these CVC puzzle activities, you receive 7 onset and rime word puzzles featuring the -at family. These puzzles feature the words bat, hat, cat, sat, rat, pat and mat. Along with the puzzles, you will also receive recording sheets in three different styles to help meet your differentiation needs. Also included are 2 word lists (color & black/white) that can be used an anchor chart, self-checking station or answer key.

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grab your copy of my cvc puzzle activities today!

As you can see, these CVC puzzle activities are easy to use and helpful to new readers. Use in conjunction with your favorite decodable books for improved decoding skills, fluency, and writing.

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