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5 Fantastic Ways to Say Good-bye Summer

As it starts to become time say “Goodbye Summer!” use these tips to ease the transition from summer to fall.

Summer is almost over ⛅ , and we’re already thinking about the dreaded words (rhymes with Lack New Pool!) While we say goodbye to summer clothes, warm weather, and lazy days, there are still ways to enjoy the last few warm days and prepare for Fall. As summer ends, it’s time to plan for the first days of school. But the fun doesn’t have to stop. Here are fantastic ways to celebrate the end of summer and bid farewell to the season of long days and short shorts.

Goodbye Summer Tip #1. PAMPERING. 😊

Pampering refers to the act of giving special attention and care to oneself or someone else in a luxurious and indulgent way. It involves treating oneself or others with extra comfort, relaxation, and pleasant experiences to promote feelings of well-being and happiness. 

I am pampering myself with:

Pedicures. 💅🏽

 Long afternoons reading on the back porch.📚

Lazy floats in the pool  

How do you pamper yourself? Let me know in the comments!

Goodbye Summer Tip #2. REFLECTING.💭

I am spending some time thinking about last year. What am I proud of? What are you proud of? I am super proud of the fact that I finished grad school 🎓•🏴‍☠️• last year while running the school library!

Goodbye Summer Tip #3. GOAL SETTING. 📋 

This one is always fun for me! I have hit 2 really big goals the past few years… I bought a home and graduated from grad school (with NO student loans!)! As a single parent, it was a long, hard road- but I am glad I did it! What goal do I aim for now? This year, I think I’m going to focus on learning What goals do you have?

Goodbye Summer Tip #4. PLANNING. 📅

I always get to a point in the summer when I start thinking about the next year. Right now I’m thinking about having a genre of the month theme and how I can make shelf management… manageable. What are you planning for next year?


For me, it’s a pedicure. A monthly pedicure is my self-care treat of choice but NOTHING hits like the first pedicure of the school year! This will help bridge the gap between summer and fall.

Like it or not, summer is ending and the Back to School season is on the horizon. I hope you have a fantastic year!

If I can do, or make, anything to make your year easier or better- please reach out!

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Crystal from The Libeary Teacher

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