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BTS Blog Hop, Freebie and Give Away

BTS Blog Hop, Freebie and Give Away
Hello!  Welcome to another stop on the BTS Blog Hop and Giveaway!  I hope you have been collecting lots of great classroom management and organizational tips.
I’m going to share TWO of my favorite classroom management strategies that helps keep my lines of communication open at ALL times but without interruptions.
Non-verbal hand signals have saved my sanity!  It is the first tip I offer to teachers who are struggling with interruptions.
I use nonverbal hand signals for several reasons.  First, constant interruptions drive me mad!  Second, I feel that impulse control is something that most young children need to work on.  Third, I want to keep the lines of communication open so children know they can always come to me.  Fourth, part of my job is meeting student’s needs and I can’t do that unless I know what they are!  However, reason #1 is what started it for me a few years ago.  Click here or on the picture to 
find it in my TpT store!
BTS Blog Hop, Freebie and Give Away
My other tip for you today helps minimize interruptions during small group or guided reading time.
BTS Blog Hop, Freebie and Give Away
My No Talk Tiara is a tiara I originally got in a children’s princess set for Book Character Day.  The very next day, it became my No Talk Tiara.  I wear it while I am in small group, guided reading or working one on one with a student.
Students know that while I am wearing the No Talk Tiara, they can not interrupt me (unless someone is bleeding, vomiting, being kidnapped or caught on fire!).  They stand on an X that I taped on the floor beside my small group table and wait for me to give them my attention.
I frequently forget to take it off when I am done with small group so I made that a students responsibility!  I kept wearing it around school and wondering why people were telling me happy birthday when my birthday is in the summer!
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BTS Blog Hop, Freebie and Give Away

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