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Currently December 2014 *FREEBIE*

Today I’m joining Farley at Oh’ boy 4th Grade for Currently!

Currently December 2014 *FREEBIE*
Ahhh… Legos… such a quiet click clack- that ends in such a huge, painful mess!  I have a love/hate affair with Lego bricks.  I love that my son engages in such an open-ended, creative toy.  However, I hate that there are Legos EVERYWHERE!  I even find them in the shower!
Loving… that it’s December and 60 degrees!
Thinking… oh, the baking!  Parties, parties, parties mean baking, baking, baking!
Wanting/Needing… a little elf to take care of my house!
Giving… today I took my 2nd graders on a field trip.  We went to a local resource center.  We took canned foods we had collected to donate.  Our kids got a chance to help stock the shelves,   Our students really learned about giving back and helping our community!
And I’m going to do some GIVING of my own!  
I whipped up this Christmas TIME activity to help your students practice telling time.
Currently December 2014 *FREEBIE*
Currently December 2014 *FREEBIE*
Merry Christmas!

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