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Monday Made It August 4th

It’s Monday Made It!  During the summer, this is my favorite linky party!  I love to see what other people are making for their classrooms!

Monday Made It August 4th
Monday Made It August 4th
 I usually try to make my Monday Made Its something that I made for my classroom, but I love this so much I had to share.
For many years, I have tried to make a classroom economy work.  It just wasn’t working.  It was Kindergarten and I just couldn’t make it work.
Now that’s moving to 2nd, I’ve got it all worked out!
To start, I thought up 9 classroom jobs and made description cards for them.
The jobs are
Line Guide
Media Specialists
Cleanliness Guides
Supply Manager
Assistant Guide
Monday Made It August 4th
I’m continuing my Jungle Safari theme so I inserted the word ‘guide’ when it made sense.
I also made job cards.
Monday Made It August 4th
Here’s my favorite part:
Job Applications!
Monday Made It August 4th
They are very simple.
This is my plan.  During the month of August/September, I will rotate student’s through the jobs daily.  It might start in September, but definitely by October, student’s will have to apply for the job they want.  During Working on Writing time, student’s will be responsible for filling out at least 1, but up to 3 job applications for the next month.  I will review the applications and hire student’s for a week at a time.  They will get paid daily.  Twice a month, they will have the opportunity to ‘shop’ with their money.
I’ve also created the job description cards without money.
Monday Made It August 4th
Now would be the perfect time to snap it up!  Especially since it’s the BTS sale at TpT!  Don’t forget to enter the code BTS14 to get the extra percentage off!
I have so many projects in the works, but nothing finished yet!  Next week, I’ll have finished their birthday gifts, Open House gifts, Daily 5 signs and where are we chart.  I’m thinking about a new birthday poster.
Interested in my Class Jobs and Economy set but not thrilled with the Jungle Print?  Drop me a note here or at my store.  The theme is easily changeable!

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