Tech Tuesday

A feature I’d like to start on my blog is Tech Tuesday!  I love technology and incorporating it into the classroom.  Through recent years, I’ve discovered that I love helping others use technology too.  And to think, I thought I didn’t like working with grown-ups!  🙂

Here’s the disclaimer though.  I’ve known myself for 33 years now, and I know that follow through isn’t always one of my strong points.  So while I’d like to say you can join me here EVERY Tuesday for Tech Tuesday, I’m just gonna say now- it ain’t gonna happen.  However, I have lots of ideas and love the subject, so I CAN say, I’ll be posting Tech Tuesdays MOST Tuesdays!
I was all set to talk about digital storytelling today, but a couple days ago I found a website that blew my mind.  Like dy-no-miiiiite!  
The website is  It is educational hip-hop at it’s best.  Admittedly, it is geared toward older students.  I did find a video my Kindergarteners LOVED and I see other promising titles.  
There is a slight cost, no more than $7.00 a month, depending on your plan.  For $5.00 a month, you can access, according to them, hundreds of videos for all grades and subjects along with standards-based lessons.  Also for $5.00 a month is ‘This Week in Rap”.  This sections combines the biggest news stories of the week into a rap video and is released on Fridays.  I see this section as being especially beneficial to middle and high school teachers of social sciences.  Or you can pay $7.00 a month for both services.  
Some videos are posted on YouTube, but to get full access you have to pay.  I recommend you sign up for the free trial offer.  I did NOT need a credit card number for the free trial.  
One more video, just because it’s Election Day!

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