You are currently viewing Valentine’s Day Books! Check out these 5 NEW and Lovable Valentine’s Day Books for Children (and how to use them)!

Valentine’s Day Books! Check out these 5 NEW and Lovable Valentine’s Day Books for Children (and how to use them)!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and L-O-V-E is in the air!  Nothing is better than Valentine’s Day at an elementary school. Young kids love to love and nothing captures that love like Valentine’s Day books!

In an attempt to channel that same love, I have searched high and low for new and amazing Valentine’s Day books that have been published within the last year or so.  Here are 5 of my favorites! (As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a small amount from qualifying purchases. I cross my teacher/librarian heart that I only promote things I truly believe in and love!)

Valentine’s Day Books

How Do You Love? by Kellie Byrnes (author) and Melina Ontiveros (illustrator)


This book gives me love language vibes. It shows the actions of love, not just the feelings. Spending time together, giving gifts, gestures… these are all ways to show love and this book gives some very concrete and specific examples.

A fun activity to do with this book would be to have kids draw or write about what makes them feel loved.

This is a Terrible Love Book – Will You Help Me Fix It? by Megan West

My students and patrons love, loVE, LOVE interactive books so I knew this would be a winner as soon as I saw it!  When I read interactive books like this, I have all students do the action with me.  For actions like ‘tap this page’ I choose someone who is sitting quietly to come up and tap the page.

The Catalogue of Hugs by Joshua David Stein (Author), Augustus Heeren Stein (Author), Elizabeth Lilly (Illustrator)

I love this book because of it’s fantastic content, simplicity and diversity!  Each double page layout features a simple drawing of a hug type and it’s name.  The characters represent a diverse spectrum with everything from skin color, body type, ages and abilities.  The last page shows an adorable ‘Family Hug’ and showcases a variety of families.
This would be a great book to read to Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  When finished, you could have children name their favorite hug!

The Mystery of the Love List by Sarah Glenn Marsh (Author), Ishaa Lobo (Illustrator)

This might be the one that I am most excited about!  Mysteries are my favorite genre and my library students know this.  Anytime I read them a mystery they get super excited because they know I’m sharing a favorite thing of mine.  In this one, Pippa discovers that SHE is on someone else’s love list!  She is out to figure out who it is!

I Love You Like by Ralph Lazar (Author), Lisa Swerling (Author)


This book is adorable!

I love you like the flowers love the sun.

I love you like pizza loves cheese!

This book is a great way to introduce similes. A great activity to do after reading this book is to have children write and illustrate their own ‘I love you like…’ page to create a classroom ‘Love is…’ book.

I hope you (and your students) find a new Valentine’s Day book to love this year!

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