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5 Podcasts for Teachers: Listen, Learn and Renew Your Spirit

Did you know that there is an International Podcast Day on September 30th?  Or a set of awards for podcasts?  
I did not know this information until I started doing a little research for this blog post.  All I knew, is that listening to podcasts let me enjoy learning new things while I was doing others.
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My favorite time to listen to podcasts is while I’m walking.  It keeps my brain from fighting me on the exercise!
I’ve listed 5 of my favorite podcasts (in no particular order) for your enjoyment!
blackboard with word Chalk Full of Life

Chalk Full of Life is a podcast produced by Kelli Alaina Wise… uh Rachel Lenhart.  I’m going to be completely transparent… I haven’t actually listened to Rachel, but I loved the podcast under Kelli.  Their goal is to help you find more time, more energy and more happiness.  

There is a paid course called The Balanced Teacher Life that you can join, but it isn’t necessary.  

Cornerstone of a building with words Cornerstone for Teachers

The Cornerstone for Teachers podcast is produced by Angela Watson.  Angela is a former teacher and instructional coach turned publisher.  Along with the podcast, she also has published books and runs a paid course called the 40 Hour Teacher Work Week (which I have also taken.)  Where Chalf Full of Life focuses on the teacher, The Cornerstone for Teachers talks about the classroom.  I listen for the tips on classroom management, differentiation and assessment.

picture of google colors in an eye with words Google Teacher Tribe

The Google Teacher Tribe  is a podcast by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell.  Both of them are serious about shaking up your classroom and making it the place to be. Last year, my district went Google.  I’ve always considered myself tech savvy, but exploring ALL the parts to Google was overwhelming.  This podcast helps me organize my thinking and take it one step at a time.

picture of a clock with words 10 minute teacher

The Ten Minute Teacher  by Vicki Davis.
Let’s be honest.  I rarely have a large amount of time to do much of anything.  I see people talk about listening to podcasts while they do the dishes or fix dinner, but I’m usually barking out orders to my son and guarding things from the cats!  That’s why I love the Ten Minute Teacher!  I can take ten minutes to zone out and listen.  I also really enjoy the variety in her episodes.

image of 2 girls walking with the words The Early Childhood Research podcast on it

The Early Childhood Research podcast by Liz’s Early Learning Spot is great for teachers of small children.  Although the episodes are infrequent, I think she takes a lot of time thinking and researching before creating and posting.  Her topics are important and range from why scribbling is important to addition strategies that matter.  I listen because her focus is on children, not teachers.

These are 5 of my favorites but it really was hard to choose just 5 because there are lots of great podcasts out there!  Do you have a favorite?  Drop me a note and tell me what it is!

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