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Spread the Love with a FREE Valentine’s Day Bookmark

Spread the Love with our FREE Valentine’s Day Bookmarks for Elementary Students!

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, friendship, and kindness. And what better way to do that than with a free, adorable Valentine’s Day bookmark that your students will cherish? To make it even better, you can personalize the back by writing each student a short note. This is the perfect place to tell your students all the traits you admire!

These bookmarks are more than just cute keepsakes. They’re a gentle reminder to your students to:

  • Embrace reading: Let the bookmarks be a daily nudge to pick up a book and get lost in a good story. After all, reading is a wonderful way to expand your imagination and connect with others.
  • Celebrate individuality: Both bookmark designs cater to different tastes, allowing students to choose the one that resonates with them most.
Spread the Love with a FREE Valentine's Day Bookmark

Why do bookmarks make a great gift?

Bookmarks make a great gift because they are whispered invitations to explore worlds outside your own. This passport to worlds all over can transport the reader back in time, off to outer space on into the deep, blue sea!

Getting your FREE bookmarks is easy!

Simply visit The Libeary Teacher on TPT for this free download!

Spread the Love with a FREE Valentine's Day Bookmark

Here are some additional ideas for using our Valentine’s Day bookmarks:

  • Host a bookmark decorating contest. Provide blank bookmarks and let students unleash their creativity.
  • Use the bookmarks as prizes for reading challenges or classroom competitions.
  • Incorporate the bookmarks into a Valentine’s Day craft project. Students can write messages of love and friendship on the bookmarks and exchange them with classmates.
  • Use as a gift tag or party favor!
  • Students can use them as their Valentine’s Day card they give to classmates or friends.

I hope this free bookmark brings a touch of joy and love to your classroom this Valentine’s Day. Remember, even a small gesture can make a big difference in a child’s day. So let’s spread the love, one bookmark at a time!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Crystal from The Libeary Teacher

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