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A Thankful Thanksgiving

I have really struggled with how to put my thankfulness into words this year.  It’s not because I’m not thankful, but more that I’m overwhelmed.

This is a crazy, beautiful journey we go through in life, isn’t it?  There are ups and downs… downs and ups.  Personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am thankful for the normal things, the things that everyone else is thankful for.

I have an amazing and supportive family.  I often say that if I told them I was moving to Australia to marry a kangaroo they would say “Well, I wish it weren’t so far away, but if that’s what makes you happy then we support you!”

I am thankful for the most amazing little boy a mom could ask for.  He is smart, talented and funny.  Sometimes, I look at him and think “This is it.  This is why I was put on this earth.”

I have the best group of friends a girl could ask for.  I honestly don’t think I could have hand picked better people- and they just kinda fell into my life.  Correction- I know that God placed them in my life for a reason, it just seems like it was effortless in finding them.

I was able to have a life altering surgery this summer and have lost 50 pounds as a result.  I have a team of medical professionals at my fingertips who are willing to help me.  I am so thankful for the doctors, nutritionists and nurses.  My son is getting therapy to help him with his ADHD and anxiety. We are both surrounded by excellent medical professionals. I am thankful for the insurance that covers these costs.  I can not imagine the stress felt by those without access to medical care at a reasonable cost.

Recently though, I have became extremely thankful for the young people who continue to chose children band go into education.  Amid the letters about why this person quit teaching and this person won’t quit teaching, there are young (and maybe some old) people who say “Yes.”  Amid the arguments about testing students and evaluating teachers, they wake up and say “I will.”  Amid the veteran teachers crying uncle and leaving the profession, they step up to say “I want to.”

Barely adults themselves, they are choosing to enter an over-worked, under paid, high stress position.

For that, I am thankful.  Their enthusiasm for the craft brings life back into my practice.  When I’m worn down, exhausted, and considering other career paths, they remind me why I do this job.  They are why I teach.  I teach to make the world a better place.  I teach to help small children turn into productive members of society.  That is what they are choosing to do!  This isn’t an easy path, yet they are choosing to walk it! For that, I am thankful.  When I am able to pick them up, dust them off and help them resolve the issue or just listen to them cry, they remind me why I do this job.  For that, I am thankful.

For them, I am thankful.

A Thankful Thanksgiving

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