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How to Make Green Eggs and Ham

One of my favorite activities to do on Dr. Seuss’s birthday is to make green eggs and ham for breakfast.

At my school, student’s eat breakfast in the classroom so this is really easy for me to add to it.  I’ve also served it in the afternoon when it fit my schedule better.

Green eggs and ham is easy to prepare- in the classroom or at home!

How to Make Green Eggs and Ham

Green eggs and ham is simple and fast!  All you need are basic ingredients- eggs, ham, green dye, pan, spatula and heat source.  I like to use the already diced ham just to make life easier!

How to Make Green Eggs and Ham
Over my teaching career, I have made green eggs and ham a variety of ways.  In a crock-pot.  The night before and microwave them at school.  On a griddle at school.
My FAVORITE way is on a griddle at school because cooking with kids is awesome!
(I forgot to take pictures last time I made them, so I made some at home!)
A few tips-
1.  Assemble all ingredients before hand!
2.  Work in small batches- scrambled eggs are easy but not when you are scrambling 2 dozen!
3.  Use a gel food dye- my fingers never turn green when I use gel!
How to Make Green Eggs and Ham
Crack the eggs into a bowl and mix with a fork.  Add the green dye in the mixed eggs and stir.  Since it’s a gel, you might end up with pieces of gel in the eggs.  Don’t worry- when the eggs start cooking, they will melt and mix into the eggs!
Mix the diced ham into the eggs and pour- carefully– into the pan or griddle.  
Scramble quickly.  If you had gel pieces, you should see them start to melt into the eggs.
How to Make Green Eggs and Ham
When the eggs are finished, plate and serve!
How to Make Green Eggs and Ham
How do YOU celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday?

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