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Making a Case for A Day Off!

Making a Case for A Day Off!

Awhile ago, I was facing a conundrum.  I had requested a personal day off for court (family, not crimal :))  Fortunately, we were able to resolve the issue without heading to court.  Soooo…. I still had this day off.

 A whole day?  
To myself?
 I felt giddy!

Can you guess what happened next? Yes, teacher guilt!  Thousands of thoughts swirled around my head.  My kids were going to have to be farmed out for reading.  That would leave my colleagues with extra kids in their room, which makes their job that much harder.  I wouldn’t be there for small group instruction.  Which means my two groups would not get targeted instruction that day.  I couldn’t stand the thought that I would be failing those kids.

I thought I was pretty clever when I realized I could work in the morning and take half a day.  I had a mile long list of things I was going to do.  Things I was EXCITED (sadly) to do.    My days are so busy, I struggle to keep up with normal day to day chores such as laundry and grocery shopping.

Since my half day ends at 10:45, I was home by 11:00.  I went upstairs to change into sweat pants…. and 4 hours later, woke up from an epic nap.  It was a good, hard sleep… the kind that leaves your brain kinda foggy.  Knowing I still had time to accomplish most of what needed doing, I wandered downstairs to fix a latte.  A couple hours later, all I had managed to do was rewash a load of laundry that had been sitting in the washer a couple of days. I also played several rounds of Bubble Witch Saga and Candy Crush Soda Rush.  Turns out, my day off wasn’t very productive.

It did, however, serve a very important purpose.  Those hours of sleep and relaxation rejuvenated my brain and my spirit.  When I went back to work the next day, I had a little more pep in my step.

So to you I say- TAKE THE DAY OFF!  Even if it’s half a day.  Take the time to yourself.  Regroup. Relax.  Have a latte.  Take a nap.  Do what YOU need to do to relax.

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