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Monday Made It Remind101

Whew! I officially started back to work today!  I’m exhausted and it was just work day– there weren’t even any littles running around.

I posted of my facebook awhile ago about Remind101.  Everyone who had used it loved it!  If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a way for you to send texts to parents/students without giving out your phone number.  Once you sign up, you are given a ‘number’.  In order to enroll, parents/students text a special number to your assigned number.  Once enrolled, they can receive the messages you send.

I wanted something to give parents something they could take home and put on their refrigerator in case they changed numbers throughout the year.  The website has something you can print, but it’s a whole sheet of paper.  I wanted something smaller.  So I made them and I’m giving them to you!

Monday Made It Remind101
Click on the picture to download.  It should download as a power point with text boxes on the lines so you can type in your own numbers.  I’ve never made an editable document before, so somebody let me know if it doesn’t work!  I’m not sure how long I’ll leave it up, so grab it while you can!
The clip art came from my wonderful friend Kristen at Schroeder’s Stars.  You really need to check her store out!
I had something else I was going to show you, but I’m exhausted!  Tomorrow, I’ll show you my new discipline clippy thing.  🙂

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