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It’s Currently December

Uggg… I feel like such a bad, bad blogger!  It’s been months!

I thought I would ‘come back’ with one of my favorite linkys- Currently- hosted by Oh Boy  Fourth Grade!

It's Currently December

Listening to Caillou… My son hasn’t watched this in forever and all of the sudden he’s all about it.  I love the theme song though.  I WISH I was just listening to silence, since my head is killing me!

Loving- My new Keurig!  I found one for a pretty good deal on Black Friday and got it for myself for Christmas!

Thinking- I’ve enjoyed Thanksgiving so much… I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow.

Wanting- to be independently wealthy- you know, so I can afford to stop doing that ‘back to work’ thing.

Needing- a nap.  I’ll have to hold off though because it’s so late in the evening that I’ll have to settle for an early bedtime!

Favorite tradition- decorating the Christmas tree!  

It's Currently December

It looks like all lights- but it has tons of ornaments on it!  And ignore the boxes- Michael was building a ‘drum set’ earlier.  Decorating the tree is my favorite tradition because it signals the beginning of the Christmas season.  Also, I love to sit in the living room with the lights out and the tree on.

I PROMISE to be a better blogger!  I’m going to aim for two blog posts a week- I think that sounds doable.

How do you carve time out for your blogging?

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