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Tech Thursday- Remind

Today I’m linking up with Teaching Trio to talk about one of my favorite technology uses- communication!
Tech Thursday- Remind
Do you use Remind?
It is amazing!
It used to be called Remind 101, but don’t let the name change fool you!
Remind is a really awesome group texting service.  It make communicating with parents so easy.  You type one message- all your parents get it!
Go to, register your class and let your parents know!
There are 2 ways to let parents know about Remind.  On the right hand side of the page, is a blue button that says ‘Add students and parents’
Tech Thursday- Remind
A screen will pop up that has 2 different options.  You can invite parents by adding their cell phone or email address and Remind will send them an invitation.
Or, you can download a pdf and send it home.  It also gives you a QR code.
I also make cards to send home. Click on the picture to download the editable cards I send home.
Tech Thursday- Remind
Remind is great for sending out quick reminders that are for the whole class.  
“Picture Day tomorrow!”
“Permission slips due tomorrow!”
As I go through my plans for the next week, I hope online and schedule any announcements I need to make.
Oh, did I forget to mention?  You can SCHEDULE texts to go out ahead of time!  This really helpful for me- because I’m pretty forgetful.  I sign up for my own texts and they remind me of important things happening the next day!
Has anyone else used Remind?  Any tips?

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