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Jitter Juice: A How To Guide when reading First Day Jitters

Making Jitter Juice was a change I made when I moved from Kindergarten to Second Grade! I said good-bye Chester and his Kissing Hand and hello to First Day Jitters.

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I wanted to turn my first read aloud into an event that would leave my class excited about Second Grade! I did a little googling and discovered Jitter Juice. There were a lot of recipes for how to make Jitter Juice but all of them were missing… something. I wanted to up the wow factor and found the perfect thing…

Pop Rocks: The Jitter Juice Secret Ingredient

Jitter Juice: A How To Guide when reading First Day Jitters

Yes, the tiny little candies that pop in your mouth are my Jitter Juice Secret Ingredient!

Jitter Juice Recipe

Supplies & Ingredients

Before reading the story, prep the following:

  • Pour soda into cups
  • Have the candy ready- I used to give students a sprinkle of candy in their hand but quickly realized it was much easier to just everyone their own pack. If you want to give less than the whole pouch, I recommend separating it ahead of time in cupcake liners.

Read First Day Jitters

As you read, you can stop and talk about the following things:

  • How did you feel about the first day of school?
  • How do you feel about the first day of school now?
  • How have your feelings changed?
  • Who do you think Sarah Jane is?
  • Why do you think she is does not want to go to school?

After reading, you can ask:

  • Where you surprised that Sarah Jane Hartwell was the teacher?
  • Why do you think the teacher is nervous?

I’m always honest with students, telling them that I feel a lot of emotions about the first day of school.

  • Nervous: I feel nervous about lots of things- Do I have everything ready? Do I know how everyone is getting home? Did I make enough copies? Do I have enough Pop Rocks!?!?!
  • Excited: I can’t wait to meet my new students! I love teaching and I’m happy to start a fresh, new year!
  • Sad: I love summer and hate to see it go. Also, I miss my class from last year.

Jitter Juice Time!

After reading the First Day Jitters, I give students a cup of soda and a packet of Pop Rocks. I tell them the candy is like their nerves and the soda is their body. When they put the Pop Rocks into the soda, there will be lots of bubbles and it can feel uncomfortable.

However, as we get to know each other and find the routines of the classroom, emotions will start to settle just like the Pop Rocks calm in the soda..

Students love this activity! Every year, at least one student will mention it as one of their favorite memories in our End of the Year memory book.

What is your favorite First Day of School activity?

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