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The problem with game boards…

This year’s class really loves to play games!  They all have the same general feel (read a word, sentence, math problem, etc- roll the die- move your game piece)… but as long as I keep changing the theme, they keep getting excited!

We keep running into the problem of not having enough room for everyone’s game piece though.  Pretty much everyone would be in the same area and pieces keep getting moved and knocked over.

So I did some thinking.

And some watching.

Then some more thinking.

And it occurred to me!  Why do they all have to use the same game board?

Newsflash- they don’t!

For last Friday’s reading groups, I printed off my newest sight word game!

The problem with game boards...
(you can buy it here!)
As a test, I printed off two game boards and had 2 students play on each one.  It worked really, really, really well!
The problem with game boards...
(Excuse the lack of color- I was out of color ink and card stock!)
Everyone was able to move their pieces quickly and efficiently.  Plus, we didn’t waste any time trying to figure out where knocked off pieces were!
That’s how I solved my game board problem!  What is a problem you are currently figuring out?

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