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4 Ways to Find Balance by Taming Dinner Chaos

Recently, I have been talking with some friends and colleagues about end of the day struggles.  There is ONE thing that comes up repeatedly, with almost everyone I talk to regardless of age, gender, family structure or profession.  That struggle, my friends, is dinner.

And I get it.  It’s the end of the day.  Everyone is tired.  Everyone is hungry.  Personally, I just want to get food out to the family and sit down!

I have done some trial and error research and have some tips to make it easier.

4 Ways to Find Balance by Taming Dinner Chaos

1.  Keep it simple.

Leonardo da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” and I think it’s perfection when it comes to weeknight dinners.  This is not the day to break out the rack of lamb or Coq au Vin.  A grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup or bowl of chili is perfect for a cold night.  A big salad or a tortilla wrap make a great hot weather meal.

simple meals

2.  Think long term.

No, I don’t mean your 401K.  I mean tomorrow’s lunch or next weeks dinner.  I have a pretty small family of 2, but I cook for 4 (or more).  I can cook once and feed us dinner, lunch the next day and dinner in a week or two because I have frozen half.

3.  Make a plan.

And stick to it.  Every week, I take a look at our activities and decide which day or two I’ll actually have time to cook.  Those are the days I plan something simple to prepare, like tacos.  I’ll look at the busy days and choose something from the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw.

4 Ways to Find Balance by Taming Dinner Chaos

4.  Let someone else do the hard work!

Not too long ago, a friend gave me a free referral to Hello Fresh.  I had wanted to try one of the meal delivery systems, but the price was a little high.  When I got the free sample though, I jumped on the bandwagon. 

I am completely SOLD on the convenience!  A cold box full of fresh ingredients arrived at my door with a complete plan for 2 delicious meals.  I am not in the position of paying for a Hello Fresh box every week (#futuregoals) BUT once a month or so is doable! 

I don’t know about you, but my time is as valuable as my money– and depending on the week, sometimes MORE valuable!

Want to try Hello Fresh for yourself?  Click here to get $40.00 off your first week! (No secrets!  I get a $20.00 credit if you try!)

4 Ways to Find Balance by Taming Dinner Chaos

Which one of these four tips is helping you tame the dinner chaos?

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