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Best. Student. Engagement. Lesson. Ever!

We have been working on position words this week.  I love working with position words because it can integrate into so many areas.  Position words are listed in math, science and social studies common core objectives!

We have had a couple of really awesome days working with position words.  The first thing we did was a Pete the Cat Position words activity.  However, I can NOT take any credit for this lesson. I found it over at Kinder Blossoms!  

Best. Student. Engagement. Lesson. Ever!

We started by reading the book ‘Pete the Cat and the Wheels on the Bus’.  Christina has a great list of page by page questions that gets kids using position words in complete sentences!

Students then used a schoolbus and a cat picture to practice demonstrating position words while we made an anchor chart.  

Christina has a great cut and paste activity and a reader, but we haven’t done those yet.

I had students pick one position word to demonstrate with their cat/bus combo.  
They glued it on paper and wrote a sentence about it.  They turned out really great and I can’t wait to display them in the hallway!  (Totally forgot to take pics, but as soon as it stops snowing- I’ll post some!)

This was- hands down- one of the most engaging math lessons we have done all year!  My student’s, who strongly dislike writing, didn’t bat an eye when it came time to write their sentences!

We also planned on doing a backpack scavenger hunt using position words but we had an early dismissal today.  I will definitely use it later this week.  I found it at Deedee Wills TpT store.  You can find the lesson here.

What are you doing to teach position words?

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