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Why did I become a teacher?

Today I’m linking up with Michelle at Big Time Literacy!  She is doing a blogging challenge to help bloggers get in the habit of writing.  We’re teachers!  We know how important the writing practice is.  I neglected my blog over the school year but my summer goal is to increase my social media presence- which includes increasing my blogging.  She has the great calendar for July of blogging topics that will really be helpful if you’re struggling to get back in the habit.

Why did I become a teacher?
Today’s topic is: 
How did you end up in 
education? Who or 
what inspired you 
to teach? Share 
your story! 

The reality is, I can not define one single moment or person that pushed me into teaching.  I’ve always just been ‘the teacher.’  My mom told me once, after I had been teaching for several years, that she knew I would be a teacher- it just was who I am.  I’ve talked to several teacher friends and they’ve said the same thing- teaching is just who I am.  I went through a few career options- lifeguard or lawyer as a child then architect and interior decorator as a teen (I was going to build houses AND decorate them!)  The truth is- teaching is my heart.  It is my soul.  It is in my core.  Although I frequently get frustrated with the state of the education system in America- I don’t want to do anything else.
That doesn’t mean I haven’t had some influential teachers that helped shape who I try to be as a teacher.  One was my Kindergarten teacher- Mrs. Thaxton.  We had half day kindergarten and it was awesome!  What I remember most about her was love.  She loved us so much that it was almost tangible.
My 5th grade teacher taught me about work.  Mrs. Johnson.  We worked HARD.  And she was tough.  Her son also lived across the street from my grandparents so I frequently saw her there!  She had this way though, of getting us to work hard without feeling like we were working hard.  She layered it in so very finely.  When I went to 6th grade and ended up with the dreaded 6th grade teacher that everyone said was so hard- I was beyond well prepared.
I also have to say, that for me, teaching is about the kids.  How someone could not want to spend their day with kids is beyond me.  I can give you a million other reasons.  Yes, I think education is important.  Yes, I love to learn.  Yes, I want to give kids a good foundation.  Yes, yes, yes to a million different things.  In the end though, it’s all about the kids.
So what’s your story?  I would love to read it- either in my comments section or in the linky party!
Why did I become a teacher?

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